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Khalid Baker

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Author Post
Tue Dec 14 2004, 05:51AM Quote


posts 1206
Photo taken @ Saville Hotel Weigh-in 11 Dec 04

[ 2_khalid_baker.jpg ]

Terry Vorg
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Thu Dec 16 2004, 12:43AM Quote
Registered Member #924
Joined: Sun Nov 23 2003, 01:39PM
Location: Australia
posts 251
Khalid Baker......Here is a very entertaining young man ,who I believe if he stays in the sport will gather a big loyal support because the paying public love to see entertainment and this young man provides it from the moment he makes his entrance with slick/sleek dance moves to the sounds of M.J and I'm sure his huge grinning/smiling face DURING his fights will become his trademark ....BUT!! afterall the razzamataz is done he can still box and move very nicely in centre ring and his 7 fights for 7 wins reminds us and his opponents of this . He has a very nice height and reach for his weight division and would have the potential to go up in weight as his career moves along due to his tall/lean build. His work rate in the ring is always good , throwing a lot of punches and keeps his eye on his opponent ........maybe a bit of work keeping his hands up though would be a nice tip (sometimes dancing won't get you out of trouble !!) . I hope Khalid hangs around for a while as he posesses what we all enjoy seeing and that is nice skills/big heart/and entertainment value .

Go Khalid !!


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Thu Apr 07 2005, 11:32AM Quote
Registered Member #2069
Joined: Wed Dec 01 2004, 03:26AM
posts 3
The kid is Australian champ now !
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Sun Jul 24 2005, 03:45AM Quote
Registered Member #2573
Joined: Thu May 05 2005, 10:17AM
Location: Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
posts 1
khalid is a awesome fighter
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Sun Feb 26 2006, 03:20AM Quote
Registered Member #2338
Joined: Fri Mar 04 2005, 12:33PM
posts 14
was an awesome fighter in trouble now . up for manslaughter got into a blue and accidently killed a guy...silly boy
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Killer Karl
Tue Feb 28 2006, 10:03PM Quote
Registered Member #3370
Joined: Sun Nov 27 2005, 06:39AM
Location: Victoria
posts 17
Masso its still alledged he hasn't got to trial yet so don't count the young gentlemen out just yet.
Look its hard to say what will happen but the legal system is very complexed and confusing. All I know is James (Ultimate Werribee) has stuck by Khalid when most people would have turned and ran.
Cheers Karl

"Only the Strong"
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Tue Apr 04 2006, 11:24PM Quote
Registered Member #3706
Joined: Mon Apr 03 2006, 09:49PM
Location: Melbourne, Australia
posts 1
Unfortunatly the trial isnt pending anymore, Khalid and two others got, im pretty sure 17yrs in prision. Khalid was a top kid, just hung around the wrong people. I know him personally.
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Thu Apr 06 2006, 12:12AM Quote
Registered Member #2755
Joined: Mon Jun 27 2005, 12:19AM
Location: hoppers crossing
posts 1
mate i know you probaly mean well but i visit him once a week and know his trial is in august and you have know idea cause you need to be guilty to get 17 years
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Killer Karl
Thu Apr 06 2006, 03:13AM Quote
Registered Member #3370
Joined: Sun Nov 27 2005, 06:39AM
Location: Victoria
posts 17
You are right Trigg Power and TapOut you don't get 17 years for Manslaughter. Mate get your facts right maybe you should visit like TP does Khalid would appreciate it. You have to get put on his visitor's list however and that is up to Khalid.
Cheers Karl

"Only the Strong"
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Sat Apr 08 2006, 07:22AM Quote
Registered Member #2338
Joined: Fri Mar 04 2005, 12:33PM
posts 14
well i wish khalid all the best , i have sparred with him a few times and to me he has always been a great kid....good luck to him and i hope he can turn things around for himself..
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Sat Apr 15 2006, 09:19AM Quote
Registered Member #68
Joined: Tue Jan 14 2003, 04:10AM
Location: Australia
posts 1
everyone makes mastakes at that age, its unforunate that he killed the bloke he wouldnt of meant it and i know he wouldnt of done it if he knew he was gonna kill him, he is a top kid but went alittle off the rails and needed direction, i like the kid alot and was shattered when i found out what he did.

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