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Loving Dance---Zumba DVD

Author Post
Mon Nov 08 2010, 06:14AM Quote
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I looked through the post to inquire about what I thought (the Zumba is a huge advantage for me because I like the dance) was correct for my height and my heart. I love dancing but have not danced for so long and even though my size does not stop or harm me in any way, I know I am an older woman and know somethings may not work for me . I found one more person posts and promised to send me even for us big beautiful people who want to get healthy not skinny. Anyway I LOVE IT ---Zumba DVD!!!!!! I jumped through all the basics, because I knew them all. No names, of course, but the dances. As if you love music and dance you will Love Zumba. If you do not have to teach dance steps slowly they then do in normal times.
Zumba is fun and so easy when I start to get tired, it is almost at the end of the DVD was new to me. Usually, if I work with a dvd I am tired after a few blows. Zumba is so fun and so they change your body just changes with it. Ií l tell you this, but if you have not danced from time to time will burn your calf, but Zumba is so worth it.

Zumba DVD
House MD DVD 1-6
Prison Break DVD 1-4
Navy NCIS DVD 1-7
Scrubs DVD 1-9
Bones DVD 1-5
The Tribe DVD 1-5
The Office DVD 1-6
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