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Step by Step: Zumba Fitness Dance

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Thu Oct 14 2010, 07:30AM Quote
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I have not seen zumba dvd yet, because I think that all the steps necessary to try to get down. Ií ve never done Zumba before so this is my first experience of it. I love it! There are no classes near me again. There are 24 different steps that you can learn the Basic DVD. My sister says zumba dvd is intuitively different from the aerobic, because we go in the opposite direction. Body twists more I think. I can not really say because I had a couple of aerobics classes and were about 15-18 years ago. I never cared much. I am very surprised I like it so much. Everyone said they liked the live DVD: the best, so do not pass. Zumba is more than an hour, and is a real workout. The movements are the steps you will learn as a base, but of course they throw in some variations. exercise of 20 minutes is good. It is not too strong, but zumba is a good workout short.

Zumba DVD
House MD DVD 1-6
Prison Break DVD 1-4
Navy NCIS DVD 1-7
Scrubs DVD 1-9
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