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San Shou S.A. upcoming event

Author Post
Fri May 16 2008, 05:59AM Quote
Registered Member #4825
Joined Fri May 16 2008, 05:49AM
Location: Adelaide
posts 3
Upcoming to a date to be announced in August:
San Shou S.A.

We are putting together this event primarily to encourage some friendly competition between different martial art systems and styles.
In South Australia there is currently no legistlation for MMA style bouts to be sanctioned. Because of this, the only fight comps out there are conventional Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

We are promoting a San Shou (chinese kickboxing) event. The rules allow for all types of punching, kicking, throws, takedowns and shoots. We hope this broader base of rules will encourage more of a range of martial artists to get involved.

For more info or to register your interest in competing, contact us through the website.

We'll post as soon as the date is set in stone.

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"Promoted by martial artists, for martial artists"
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Mon Aug 18 2008, 06:22AM Quote
Registered Member #4825
Joined: Fri May 16 2008, 05:49AM
Location: Adelaide
posts 3
Coming up in a few weeks!
A range of arts competing under San Shou rules, also some bouts under Thai rules.
Card of around 12 fights, will post details in the next week.
Tix now available thru venutix, standing from $25
Come check out a new type of event!
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"Promoted by martial artists, for martial artists"
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