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wing chun or muay thai, kickboxing

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Author Post
da boss
Mon Jan 22 2007, 10:51PM Quote
Registered Member #3296
Joined: Sun Nov 13 2005, 07:37AM
posts 9
hey guys...looks like undefeatedchamp (bum) crawled bak into his hole in "i wish i knew wat i was on about land" a while ago..
theres always 1 in a crowd.....

Wax on Wax off
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Sun Apr 01 2007, 12:26PM Quote
Registered Member #3407
Joined: Sat Dec 03 2005, 07:34AM
posts 1
i started wing chun - been going twice a week for the last 2 months and i have learnt quite alot. But you can never see wing chun to its full potential if it is versing a different style in the ring. It's mainly because wing chun uses alot of grabs, eye gouges and their kicks are mainly done to the groin.
But even though i have just started, i can see already that alot of the moves are much more effective then kickboxing. ie. Wing Chuns' version of a 'check' is alot more effective. Instead of lifting your leg up and feeling 100% of the energy to your shin, in Wing Chun we absorb the incoming kick and deflect it while opening the oppenent up for a counter. You would probably only feel 50% of the energy being thrown at you
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Nathan Jay
Sat Jun 30 2007, 12:04PM Quote
Registered Member #4439
Joined: Sat Jun 30 2007, 11:29AM
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
posts 1
both martial arts have their highlights and dodgy bits. If you do either one, you are better off than not doing one at all. To be REALLY good you should do both, so that you can just say that they both have their good and bad parts to them. A person can only fight to their full potential if they personalise what they have learned (discipline still needs to be followed,but). If I am dribbling crap, just tell me and I will listen to your points of view. cheers, Nathan
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Fri Jul 06 2007, 05:28AM Quote
Registered Member #4417
Joined: Wed Jun 13 2007, 01:07PM
Location: melb.vic.au
posts 1
i train in muay thai, hopefully one day i will get to fight and ya'll can come watch lol.

nathan i disagree with parts of your post.
i'll give you a simple quote to explain why i disagree with learning 2 or more martial arts.

"Jack of all trades, master of none."
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Thu Sep 20 2007, 04:56PM Quote
Registered Member #4569
Joined: Thu Sep 20 2007, 04:22PM
Location: perth
posts 1
To the comment "jack of all trades master of none"
i belive your wrong on this one i have previously done boxing and now do mau thai and kung fu in a style called choy la fut. i frequently find myself in street fights, not because i go looking more sticking up for my dumb ass mates. anyway i found combining the best parts of the three to work effectivly, the hand techniques from boxing helped alot when moving to mua thai which i find concentrates more on kicks and the stances, flow and aggression that is associated with choy la fut emphasises fast strong technique. overall its helped me alot to be learning more than one style at a time. ps that undefetablebum is a drop kick.
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Tue Oct 02 2007, 02:20PM Quote
Registered Member #4575
Joined: Wed Sep 26 2007, 02:14PM
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
posts 15
I think it really depends on what you want to do. I'm partial to kickboxing myself. But that's just me. The idea that something ruins a person's frame is rather humorous. I'd like to know where that came from.

Billie Love
"He's KickNit"
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Sun Oct 28 2007, 09:49AM Quote
Registered Member #4597
Joined: Thu Oct 18 2007, 04:41AM
Location: south east
posts 2
^ i think that undefeatedchamp has not tried any of these styles and is going by word of mouth....before i started kickboxing i was told things about the conditioning stages for shins and stuff like that which is no way near as it was told....he has been told things he believed is true....

on the topic of better styles, like it has been said, you will never know, their are alwayws going to be those for, and against...their will always be plus's and negatives to each side whether one loses or wins ( in a fight situation )....as in a street fight u may win but excuses will be made as to why by the other party

personally im considering going to try wing chun with a trainer from my gym as he has been doing it for a while, this is what drawed me into this conversation....it looks good, and if done well, quitea good style to incoporate to my kickboxing

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Thu Jul 10 2008, 12:35PM Quote
Registered Member #4901
Joined: Thu Jul 10 2008, 12:26PM
Location: Seddon
posts 6
it doesn't really matter which one is better it's about the discipline, compassion and the ways of teaching and if the student is willing to follow or not, but personally i think muay thai because of it's ancient heritage and i just enjoy it
and undefeatedchamp should get out before saying stuff
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Mon Aug 11 2008, 06:43AM Quote
Registered Member #4938
Joined: Mon Aug 11 2008, 06:22AM
posts 3
Most mma fans now believe that kung fu sucks and is useless. So if your into mma, then i suggest you do muay thai, if your into drinking tea and spirituality, then go for wing chun/kung fu.
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Wed Dec 03 2008, 07:04AM Quote
Registered Member #5052
Joined: Wed Dec 03 2008, 06:46AM
Location: canberra
posts 1
i have also studied both thia and kung fu and a couple of others. it depends on what u want the martial art for. i have found th kickoxing/ muay thia which i believe is a extremely effective marital art. it is use in rings around the world in different sports so it's proven to work. i havent seen kung fu used in a ring besides in movies
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