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Gurkan vs Zambidis

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Author Post
Wed Dec 03 2003, 09:19PM Quote
Registered Member #282
Joined: Wed Mar 19 2003, 02:42AM
posts 12

The turn looked OK but over a thousand of those seats were given away, not sold. I find it upsetting that very few want to support kickboxing, it's such a great sport and big events are not that often so money should not be a factor, people had plenty of time to save as the fight was announced so long ago...

Don't call yourselves kickboxing fans if you never show up.


Trust me, I know what I'm talking about...Heheheh

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about...Heheheh
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Thu Dec 04 2003, 01:38AM Quote
Registered Member #924
Joined: Sun Nov 23 2003, 01:39PM
Location: Australia
posts 251
Hey MIKE ...i totally agree with you mate !! I would love to see EVERY kickboxing night sold out ....even the little suburban shows !!! Ive been following kickboxing for nearly 20 yrs and have watched it really grow ,but it still has a long way to go ...I always make sure i go and support ALL the fight nights ,even the suburban shows where you get to see some really awsome fights , i love the nights that Johnny Scida puts on!! and the guys out at springvale do a good job too......we should all get behind them and give them the support they need !!! i bought 16 tickets for the ZAMBO/GURKAN fight ....and 12 of those were NEW people and they LOVED it ...so here's hoping they will come again !!! so c'mon everyone do as MIKE says and get along there and support AUSSIE KICKBOXING SHOWS!!!!!

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Thu Dec 04 2003, 04:00AM Quote
Registered Member #184
Joined: Wed Feb 19 2003, 05:31AM
Location: Australia
posts 119
What was the offical attendance? How many people fit into the complex?
I think a reason for the low attendance is lack on advertising, i mean the fights are all high calibre but the advertising needs work. I think someone said that Tariks website is hardly ever updated and well below par. All these litte things snowball and become a big problem.

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Thu Dec 04 2003, 05:26AM Quote

Joined: Thu Nov 28 2002, 12:47AM
Location: Melbourne
posts 286
Vodafone arena can hold 10k (This is a fact)
and only 6k turned up for the fights (This is an estimate)

Tell it like it is.....
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Thu Dec 04 2003, 08:35PM Quote
Registered Member #205
Joined: Fri Feb 21 2003, 08:39AM
Location: Australia
posts 50
guys do you have to have foxtel to see the fight, or is it going to show it on the foxsports channel of optus now....is it the same channel now since they merged?

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Thu Dec 04 2003, 11:27PM Quote


posts 1206
Johnnyboy, it will be on FoxSport2, this is the same for Optus and Foxtel users.

Terry Vorg
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Fri Dec 05 2003, 12:44PM Quote
Registered Member #1048
Joined: Mon Dec 01 2003, 01:53AM
posts 1
Zambidis is a f#$*n gun.

He is one of the best fighters in the world. He is like a textbook he knows the answers to everthing opponents throw at him in the ring. For his size he is so strong he was too much for that turk. Ozkan new he was gonna get belted he knew he was gonna get embaressed.


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Mon Dec 08 2003, 12:49AM Quote
Registered Member #924
Joined: Sun Nov 23 2003, 01:39PM
Location: Australia
posts 251
Hey Crusty .....I hope you are fine !!! I heard the official attendance number was ...7,150 !!! ...hope you're going to watch the REPLAY on fox sports two on thursday evening !!! and finally see how your man went down !! let us know what you think of the fight .

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Mon Dec 08 2003, 05:29AM Quote
Registered Member #184
Joined: Wed Feb 19 2003, 05:31AM
Location: Australia
posts 119
Ill check out the fight this week and give you a run down.

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Tue Dec 09 2003, 08:51AM Quote
Registered Member #195
Joined: Thu Feb 20 2003, 05:23AM
Location: Australia
posts 133
Watching it on foxtel and being there are 2 different things as everyone that was there would agree when watching it on foxtel. You cant get that atmosphere on foxtel also they dont show everything!! At least your Guaranted to see Zambos Vicious KnockOut... Get the tissue box ready Crusty

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