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Gurkan vs Zambidis

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Author Post
Tue Dec 02 2003, 12:44PM Quote
Registered Member #857
Joined: Fri Oct 31 2003, 11:54PM
posts 3
Thursday the 11th of december on fox sports 2 at 830pm

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Tue Dec 02 2003, 01:30PM Quote
Registered Member #924
Joined: Sun Nov 23 2003, 01:39PM
Location: Australia
posts 251
I'm not suprised that gurkan is asking for a rematch .... but maybe he'll change his mind AFTER he watches the fight on tape and see's just how OUTCLASSED he was !!! Im sure its just his pride talking and the fact that its all still VERY FRESH in his AND everyone's minds ....maybe he's just trying to save some face after all the BIG MOUTHING he did !! Well what else would we expect from Gurkan ......Its good to see Tarik has the sense to put Gurkan in his place and tell him "Hey take 5-6 months off!!" ...as a lot of fighters become very Punchy (..easy to knockout) after they have taken a BAD ONE!!!! and my god that was a HUGE KNOCKOUT ....Gurkan had NO IDEA where he was at all !! he felt the full brunt of the ZAMBO POWER!!!! .........c'mon tarik bring MASATO HERE!!!!!!!!

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Tue Dec 02 2003, 09:22PM Quote
Registered Member #282
Joined: Wed Mar 19 2003, 02:42AM
posts 12
Ohhhh I still can't believe it! No one can wipe the smile that's still on my face!

Man I love Zambidis, he gave me what I've wanted for so long, seeing Gurkan get knocked on his arse....I screamed so much I nearly passed out!

It was really good to see Jenk win too and how bad were Kongaika's thighs after the smashing they got from Samson! He showed so much heart to keep standing through the punishment.

I'm gonna frame the No Respect 2 book they gave out!

Woo Hoo!

ps. Thanks for putting such a quality promotion Mr Solak!
ps2.I'm very disappointed in the poor turnout, so many of you call yourselves fans, yet couldn't make it to the fight night of the year...sad

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about...Heheheh

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about...Heheheh
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Tue Dec 02 2003, 10:23PM Quote
Registered Member #205
Joined: Fri Feb 21 2003, 08:39AM
Location: Australia
posts 50
hey guys, i heard that there was actually a big brawl after the fight at the crown casino where zam, stan and crew were celebrating the win. Heard that it may have involved zam being attacked....can anyone confirm this, or was it just someone talking crap?

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Wed Dec 03 2003, 12:35AM Quote
Registered Member #924
Joined: Sun Nov 23 2003, 01:39PM
Location: Australia
posts 251
I never heard anything johnny about a brawl at the casino...how crazy would you have to be to attack ZAM/STAN/GEORGE...and CREW!!!! hahahaha!! and probably Tarik and his crew !!! hey mike im like yourself "I can't wipe the smile off my face" hahaha......but I thought the turn out was good !! I mean it would have been great to see all the seats gone ,but we're still building kickboxing in this country and we will eventually fill ALL those seats .....and ZAMBIDIS will go along way to fulfilling that !!!! That is why we badly need fighter in the calibre of ZAMBO !!! and we also need the GURKAN OZKAN'S too , because it takes 2 to make a great and exciting match up ...I like the look of the new turk fighter SERKAN YILMAZ ..he's got a lot of talent and good charisma , lets set him up with some good opponents now !!! ( chopper chapman/jenk behic/alexi perkeczech/..or step up NICK THEMALAKIS!!!! all I want to see now is MASATO here in melbourne to fight ZAMBO ......(..and zambo kick his ass!!)

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Wed Dec 03 2003, 03:25AM Quote
Registered Member #1130
Joined: Wed Dec 03 2003, 02:23AM
posts 1
Well done Mr. Zambidis.
You are a gentleman, a class act, and true inspiration to the sport.
Your skill and prowess have served you well, and have won u the utmost respect that u deserve (not that you didnt have any before hand).
As for Gurkan......
Your big mouth, over-confidence, arrogance and over-the-top aggression (i.e. u need to cut back on the gear a tad dude) have brought u exactly what u deserve - humiliation, defeat and a good old fashion ass-whoopin.
Your pre-match antics have amplified this 10 fold.
Had you conducted yourself as gracefully as a true sportsman should, that is with humility & respect, especially with kids that look up to you & the sport of kickboxing, then it wouldn’t NEARLY be as bad.
You were totally outclassed, embarrassed, and were made to look like -dare i say - a complete dick head.
And to top it all off (& quoted in the wise words of Mr. Tucker from the movie: "Friday")....

- You got knocked da F#$%K-OUT!!!!![xx(]

p.s. in your come back training routine, try to include MANNERS & respect - as they can go a long way & will definately make you a better person, as well as a respected fighter.

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Wed Dec 03 2003, 06:15AM Quote
Registered Member #195
Joined: Thu Feb 20 2003, 05:23AM
Location: Australia
posts 133
I wouldn't want to see Zambidis vs Masato again as i've got that fight and Zambidis gave it to him all three rounds. I would rather see someone else and a John Wayne Parr rematch would be great as Wayne Parr did well at the k-1 max but i think he would get Gurkaned(k.0'd) in a non tournment fight, when both walk in 100%.. I'm sure Tarik will get his new blood Serkan Yilmaz to fight Zambidis, hopefully they meet eachother on the k-1 max circut. ZAMBO ALL THE WAY

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Wed Dec 03 2003, 10:51AM Quote
Registered Member #1081
Joined: Mon Dec 01 2003, 08:07AM
Location: Australia
posts 1
hi all,

can someone please confirm the exact details of when the fight will be shown on foxtel? i ve dont a search on the Foxtel TV guide yet nothing comes up in relation to kickboxing.

Time: ?
Channel: ??
Date: ???

Can anyone help????

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Wed Dec 03 2003, 11:45AM Quote

Registered Member #215
Joined: Mon Feb 24 2003, 06:47AM
Location: Australia
posts 459

Download Attachment: [url="http://www.kickboxing.com.au/forum/uploaded/scottya_2003123224523_paul_cavka_2003_zam.jpg"][ image disabled ] paul_cavka_2003_zam.jpg[/url]
53.24 KB
[ image disabled ]
thank you paul great photo
cheers scotty

cheers scotty
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Wed Dec 03 2003, 02:13PM Quote
Registered Member #513
Joined: Wed Jun 11 2003, 03:17AM
Location: Australia
posts 31
great photo pual.
Its_Kewell, it is on foxtel on 11th December at 8.30 eastern standard summer time (for nsw and victoria and 7.30 qld time) alshough it does not say this on the foxtel website it does in the foxtel guide

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