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Gurkan vs Zambidis

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cyprus holdings
Sun Nov 30 2003, 01:05PM Quote
Registered Member #979
Joined: Sun Nov 30 2003, 10:35AM
posts 1
what round did fight finish,who won and was/is it on tv?

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Sun Nov 30 2003, 01:18PM Quote
Registered Member #800
Joined: Tue Oct 21 2003, 12:37AM
Location: Australia
posts 10
12th round, but someone said something about Gurkan being in the floor by the end of the fight but i dont know if it was a KO, but Zambidis won re


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Sun Nov 30 2003, 02:01PM Quote
Registered Member #195
Joined: Thu Feb 20 2003, 05:23AM
Location: Australia
posts 133
Zambidis KO'd Gurkan with a quick and powerful right hand.Gurkan was out coldddddddddddd . Bashed him for 11rds and knock him out cold in the 12th.. Mike showed hes the man.. And i think Crusty and Michael Schiavello can shut there mouths about there super hero who got the shit kicked out of him.. ALL THE WAY ZAMBIDIS

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Sun Nov 30 2003, 02:39PM Quote
Registered Member #1002
Joined: Sun Nov 30 2003, 02:27PM
Location: Australia
posts 1
cypr> I've seen K-1 advertised on Fox 8 for the coming saturday!! No details ... but I'm hoping that thats the fight!!!

2pm Fox 8 Saturday 6th, December

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Sun Nov 30 2003, 02:45PM Quote
Registered Member #924
Joined: Sun Nov 23 2003, 01:39PM
Location: Australia
posts 251
Well what can I say it was TOTALLY AWSOME ...Mike Zambidis gave Gurkan a complete lesson in kickboxing before sending him to sleeeeeep!!! Zambidis dominated the fight in every round and by round 8 Gurkan was in real trouble and looked scared of Zambidis , Mike grew and grew in confidence and knew that he could take gurkan out TOTALLY !! you could see it in his face and in Gurkans !!! .....gurkan had NO idea what to do with a TOTAL CLASS FIGHTER!! I cant wait to watch the replay on Foxtel ( december 5th ..i think!!) ...the diffrence in sheer class was really amazing Zambidis was NEVER once in trouble !! ...what an awsome night and I would just like to say well done to another great fighter ..JENK BEHIC !!! GO JENK because you're a champ !!!! there was some other great fights too ...NICK KARA got beat !! HEADHUNTER got beat !!! BARIS NEZIF won !!! Awwww Im so looking forward to the SILENCE of Michael Schiavello on the GREAT GURKAN !! ....catch you all soon !!! GO ZAM !!!! GO ZAM !!!! ( ..and loved the look on Mundine's face as his mate got sent to SLEEEEEP!!!)

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Sun Nov 30 2003, 03:13PM Quote

Registered Member #215
Joined: Mon Feb 24 2003, 06:47AM
Location: Australia
posts 459
can someone start posting any photos from the night plzzzzzz

cheers scotty

cheers scotty
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Sun Nov 30 2003, 09:55PM Quote
Registered Member #1012
Joined: Sun Nov 30 2003, 09:22PM
Location: Australia
posts 8
Ooooooooooooooo YyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaAAAAAH!!!!![:D]
Iron Mike you Legend!

I've been hanging out all weekend to find out who was going to win, can't believe it. Sounds like the fight was awesome!

Can someone please find out exactly when the fight will be replayed on fox?

Sounds like it was the "Big Cabbosh and Goodnight Irene!" for your buddy Ozkan Mr Schiavello. ( love your work [:)])

What was that you said on MMM's Shebang? Should of sent that scrapper to Ozkan... hahaha [:p]

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Sun Nov 30 2003, 10:29PM Quote


posts 1206
Guys, if anyone has pictures and would like to post them but does not know how to, send them to admin@kickboxing.com.au and I will put them up for you.

Sorry guys, I was not ask to take pictures at this event.

Terry Vorg
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Sun Nov 30 2003, 11:28PM Quote

Joined: Thu Nov 28 2002, 12:47AM
Location: Melbourne
posts 286
ZAMBO IS THE MAN, well done, hey crusty, I don't have any comments from you...lol

Tell it like it is.....
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Sun Nov 30 2003, 11:58PM Quote
Registered Member #1035
Joined: Sun Nov 30 2003, 11:51PM
Location: Australia
posts 1
The Zambidis Vs Ozkan fight will be televised on Fox Sport1 on the 11th of December.. Not sure what time though.
Mike is a Legend!!!!!!!!!!!! Gurkan is exactly that a Gurkan. He should stay in his Mcdonalds hamburgers and shut his big mouth. All the talk he did at the Press conference made him look like a fool and Zambidis being the Gentleman said nothing and went tp business Last night.


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