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Gurkan vs Zambidis

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Author Post
Mon Mar 17 2003, 04:39AM Quote
Registered Member #184
Joined: Wed Feb 19 2003, 05:31AM
Location: Australia
posts 119
Danny Green is a boxer. Same weight division as Mundine, Green is the guy Mundine is scared to fight cause he will get his ass kicked !!!

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Minoan Warrior
Mon Mar 17 2003, 12:37PM Quote
Registered Member #159
Joined: Tue Feb 18 2003, 03:23AM
Location: Australia
posts 1
Geez guys its a tough one. we are looking at almost a 20 kilo difference here, if the fighters happen to meet eachother in weight class it sure would be interesting!!! As for power reduction in weight loss from Gurkan he will lose noticable power given that most of the weight is muscle reduction and as for Zambidis if he can add almost ten kilos of muscle of course it will increase his power but it might hinder his speed over later rounds, thus i feel this would be a heck of a fight! (im booking my tickets now....lol)

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Mon Mar 17 2003, 01:46PM Quote


posts 1206
Welcome "Minoan Warrior"
Great comment about Zambidis and Gurkan.
For the rest of the guys and gal in this forum can we stick to the topic.
Sam Greco and Danny Green have nothing to do with Zambidis and Gurkan.
Please create a new topic for that stuff..... thax

Terry Vorg
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Tue Mar 18 2003, 02:47AM Quote

Joined: Thu Nov 28 2002, 12:47AM
Location: Melbourne
posts 286
OK Admin, I will.....

Tell it like it is.....
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Tue Mar 18 2003, 02:49AM Quote
Registered Member #205
Joined: Fri Feb 21 2003, 08:39AM
Location: Australia
posts 50
Does anyone here know both these guys current win-loss records?
By the way, how old is Zam?

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Wed Mar 19 2003, 02:29AM Quote
Registered Member #3
Joined: Mon Nov 25 2002, 01:09AM
posts 67
Dam good question... I would like to know the same thing, can anyone help?

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Wed Mar 19 2003, 03:00AM Quote
Registered Member #282
Joined: Wed Mar 19 2003, 02:42AM
posts 12
We need to ask the question... Both fighters are expected to leave their natural weight divisions to fight, therefore we cant expect to see them at their peak. We saw it when Gurkan went up to heavy weight, now we expect Zambidis to do the same? I'd love to see Zambidis demolish Gurkan, based on skill - Zambidis, hands down, power to weight - even, guts - even, etc. If it does happen I would love to see Zambidis break Gurkans rib or nose.

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about...Heheheh
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Wed Mar 19 2003, 03:24AM Quote
Joined: Mon Oct 28 2002, 05:31AM
posts 71
I think Zambidis is around 67-69kg and Gurkan is about 80-82kg.
It's a big difference. But all I know is that I'll be going to the fight if it's on.

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Wed Mar 19 2003, 05:37AM Quote
Registered Member #253
Joined: Mon Mar 10 2003, 12:24AM
Location: Australia
posts 9
Originally posted by tv

Is it True? I heard rumour that Zambidis wants to take on Gurkan towards the end of the year.
I know there is a big weight difference, but If Zambidis put on same Kg’s on and Gurkan Lost some Kg’s. It could happen.

I say Iron Mike Zambidis,The Greek Freak will make gurkans face uglier than it already is[B)]


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Wed Mar 19 2003, 05:51AM Quote
Registered Member #253
Joined: Mon Mar 10 2003, 12:24AM
Location: Australia
posts 9
Originally posted by lexx

Dam good question... I would like to know the same thing, can anyone help?

Zambidis is 21 years of age


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